Thursday, 7 July 2011

It has been a while. Short Story Time!

And I am still not done with the Necronomicon. I havn't had much time for reading lately, but I have not found that page yet.
I thought I would just give an updated post about something since it has been so long... Lets see.
I can recall many incidents when i could swear there was another presence in the room with me, even though it seems I should be all alone. This isn't much of a story, but it is something.

Often times, I would play the Ouija Board with good friends, and it seems that we would often talk to the same spirits depending on who was around. If I played it with C I would end up with Raz. If I played with J we would talk with Joeseph and Often Valna, all though Valna seems to follow me no matter who I am with.
After a day of school (A few years ago) and Playing Ouija with C and a friend I came home and wanted to relax in my room alone. The house was pretty quiets and I think I was the only one home besides my younger brother and Dad, who had their own things to tend to such as playing video games.
It was getting late and dark in the room. I didn't know why but I just felt uneasy. I didnt like the feeling at all, like being watched. I needed to leave the room and go be with my brother to get the feeling out of my mind. So I did, until later that night when I was going to bed. See, I had a bunk bed, and I slept on the bottom with a blanket hanging down from the top to cover my bed. It was very nice, like my own area. Then to the other side of me, I had a window seal where I kept my alarm clock. There was random stuff up on the top bunk alot of the time, like games and books and things.
Anyway I went to sleep. I began to feel that creepy feeling again. It was getting harder and harder for me to sleep, but I kept my eyes closed and kept myself calm.
After about ten minutes of lying awake, and having that uneasy feeling, I felt something like a push on my leg. I knew no one was there, so It was very odd and a bit frightening. I lay there still. A moment later, my alarm clock decides to jump off of my window seal and fly at my head, hitting me hard in the face. I get up a bit and trying to make an explanation without jumping to conclusions, and I make the decision to ignore it and act like that happens all the time or something, so I placed the clock back and lay down again. This time my heart is pounding and I am considering leaving the room and sleeping out on the couch.
Before I can make up my mind, It is made up for me. A heavy book from the top bunk slides its self down and off the bed and very nearly hits me, just like the clock did, in the head.
I decided Ive had enough and grab a blanket and pillow and fly out of the room.

That is my true story for today.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sorry for Not Posting, We all Have a Life!

"Oh I saw a ghost today! He looked red and blue and like on fire!"
Sorry. No, I didn't. I good friend just wanted to help me write my post for today and that is what they came up with.
So. Nothing much has happened lately that I could specify as strange or ghostly. I am about half way done with the Necronomicon. Before I read it, normally I read at night, I make sure that I have a line of salt along each door and window, just to be superstitiously safe.
Mmm.. What else can I report on?
I do have an interesting story I could tell you all about but at this moment I don't have much time to type.
Maybe I can tell you all about it later, maybe this week.
The reason that I have been relatively busy lately is the reason that I have not been able to post frequently.
(This is for anyone interested in knowing why I have been busy. I just graduated High School and also have many thing on my plate to deal with revolving around that fact. Thank you for your understanding and patience.)

So. Other than that, What kind of things are you all interested in hearing about from my blog?
What do you like?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

UFO Stories

This is about Paranormal Happenings, not just Ghostly.
In this post, I ask you what you think about UFOs. Any first person stories?
Do you even believe in UFOs?

I personally believe that there are other living beings out there, but I am not sure of what they look like or even if they have traveled to other planets. I Don't really believe that we have been visited by aliens, or at least that we have not been visited with in the last thousand or so years. But what do I know?
So many myths and theories.

A few month ago, or last year anyway, my dad who watches all kinds of myth and alien shows was at home one night. I didn't live there at the time. He went out to see why so many of the neighbors were outside. He found that there was a strange blue flying light in the sky, almost over head. It seemed so close.
He didn't know what to think at first, but after the same light showed up yet again just a few nights later he wanted to believe that it could be aliens. He even recorded videos of it, some on his phone when he didn't have his camera. He would call me up to explain all about the light and he got me curious.
Soon I came down for a visit and it just so happened that the blue light showed up again.
My dad was going to take the car and we were going to drive after the light to try and find it, not really expecting much but just out of curiosity and all. I tried to explain to him that there are amazing toys out there that could make this happen. It doesn't mean that it is an Alien, but I also didn't want to kill his hopes of other life out there.
The car was out of gas so we quickly just hoped on some bikes and took off toward the light.

It took us a while, but we were getting somewhere. Some people thought that more than likely the lights were some sort of government experiment or jet of some kind because they seemed to be coming from the military base near by. That wasn't a bad idea. I wasn't doubting that as an explanation.
It took us about 30 or so minutes I think before we got lost and the light dropped out of the sky. We called to see if anyone could see it from the house, but before we even got their answer I heard a loud humming noise and looked around. The light Jumped out right at me almost and my dad hung up the phone and we watched the light. It was literally so close I thought I could toss a rock at it and hit it.

I tried to find a decent video on Youtube because I know there is a ton, but I couldn't find one with out noise or stupid music playing in the background. I chose this one because they are close to the light and you can see all of its weird shapes and neon glowing-ness. I watch it with the sound off. The music annoys me.

We rounded the corner and found a park up ahead. We rode up and found a man there, and a group of kids and people watching the sky. The guy had a remote. He watched the light in the sky all most as if he was controlling it. Which he was.
Taken with my horrid Cell phone camera

Still there are people who don't believe that it was being remote controlled.
Anyway, thats my story for today.
Who here has a better one?
i want to hear!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Exciting News-Sunshine Award

Who here knows about the Sunshine(Zomtastic) Blogger Award?
Well I have been Nominated by my good friends D4 and Zombies Everywhere.
D4 has nominated me and all of my blogs, of which I have 4 if you are not aware. Zombie has nominated me for my Pokemon Writer Blog and all of its Zombie glory.

I will be posting about my Nomination in each of my blogs to spread the word about the Award and how if you are good at what you do and have a friend who believes you have an amazing blog, you too may be Nominated!

To Left, <--- Is the Sunshine Award!

To the right is Zombie's Own Award that he hands out

The Awards also come with some rules, and I am assuming that if you are going to accept the award you may want to play by the rules.

The Rules Are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us some things about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.

So here goes.
I had no idea that these awards even existed until today, so I was very surprised to be getting them. 
A big thank you shout out to D4 and Zombies Everywhere once again for the Nominations!
If you enjoy Music you can check out D4 and he shall most deffenatley provide.
As for if you are a Zombie lover you will want to check out Zombie's blog and you will fall in love.

About me?
I don't like to fill these parts out too much. I am currently just working on finding my place in the world, like I am sure many of us are. I believe that I am a very kind and caring person and I only wish I was more out going for many reasons. I enjoy zomibes. Love myself some pokemon. I have got to say that my favorite music band must be Modest Mouse. I graduate school this month and want nothing more than to travel to many places, countries, states, taking pictures and enjoying the traveling life. I want to become a great at photography and or an illustrating.
I play and watch alot of video games and go crazy over ducktape. I even make ducktape wristbands and such things, even art work, all out of ducktape. It is great.

Next step is to Nominate 10 bloggers!
These ten nominations are all great and I follow each one, they post often and don't leave toy hanging like many bloggers do. Check them out.

1. No Really You Can Eat It -Amazing food recipes that tingle the taste buds.
2. Anti-Art -As it says, Anti-Art! Some graffiti and other such that make me laugh. 
3. D4 And Music -Great music suggestions and fun blogs.
4. Fun Flash Games -The name says it, Fun Flash Games! They post often enough.
5. Meme and Other LOL -Great stuff that always makes me laugh, especially if you know memes.
6. Sam And Dan Games -This Guy is AMAZING at making games and has some in production.
7. WALLPAPERS GENERAL -I needed to give props because the papers are always great.
8. WebPicz -Want a laugh? Check em' out. Its great, even though it has been a while since last post.
9. Zombies Everywhere -Zombie posts almost every day that fill the void of a Zombie Apocalypse.
10. Motivationalizer -Just as the title suggests, just check it out and you will love it.

Choosing the ten Nominations was pretty hard and took me a while to look through my whole list of followers. Sorry if I didn't mention you, but just keep up the work. I am sure you will find your award is on its way.
I did nominate the two people who did nominate me...I was not sure if I can do that but I did it anyway!

Thank you everyone, and like I said, Please check these Nominated Bloggers out!
Now I am off to post this on to my other blogs and to tell my Nominations about it all!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


I am here. No, I did not go and vanish or die from some crazy thing.
I just have been a little crazy these past 2 or so weeks, and It looks like I might be just as bust this upcoming week or two more. School and such happenings.
But I am still reading that book. Necronomicon. But as iv'e said before, I am A Slow Freakin Reader.
Ive barely actually gotten into the book. So, I'm afraid that this may take me a little while longer to finish. Sorry.

But, if you want to know about my latest events here is a short explanation.
About 2 weeks ago (about the time I bought the Necronomicon) I felt like I needed to get something interesting to write about for the blog, so I went with a few semi-experienced friends of mine, C and J (a different J than I have mentioned in my other stories). We went to our closest cemetery in hopes of some kind of spirit activity. All I was attempting to do was find some video footage of anything strange, so I brought my camera.
We were attempting to provoke a demon. Just any demon really, so we chose one in the correct sun-sign and one that preferably was not all that powerful. I found Vassago (Vah-saw-shi-o).
According to Wikipedia, " He can be persuaded to tell the magician of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a "good" nature."
Honestly, It was a last minute thing and so we hadn't really prepared for it. When we go to the cemetery we made an offering of things we found around the area. Some pine cones, old oranges, flowers and things. We placed them all on two large palm leaves. C made a wreath of flowers earlier and we made that the center of the offerings. C also began to take thin branches and long strands to tie the branches together into a large circle the the three of us could sit in.
Anyway, we drew out the Sigil for Vassago on placed that for our focus and we began from where we thought we should start.

Anyway, to make this short, We said and did some stuff and basically nothing happened. Vassago said he didn't want to talk to us or something. And My camera recorded for an hour and a half before it ran out of memory.  Nothing to report on I guess.. But I shall keep reading.

Thanks guys.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Okay everyone.
 I finally have it. The Necronomocon itself. Just bought it not over 3 hours ago and I am getting excited to read it.
 But yet again, I am a little afraid.
 I need to ask you all, what do you think? How should I be doing this?
 Do you think I should just read it in the early mornings when there is light and sunshine, when there is music and other people around? Or should I be completely alone in the dark and read by candle light?
Im looking for your guy's ideas. Does it even matter how I read the book? In long sittings or just a little bit at a time? What do I do?
Like I said, I am scared here. I am worried I may actually provoke something, something powerful or dangerous. Or is it all fake and if I really don't believe anything will happen, nothing will.

I plan on reading it tomorrow night after I hear some comments, so Please! Talk to me!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Just Mentioning

Hey. I just thought I would mention a few things about my trip to Barnes and Nobles the other day when I went to buy the Necronomicon. Well, first of all, for those who are interested, the paper back book only costs $7.99 Dollars.
(This is specifically for one of my Followers who asked, Claude) You can buy the book online. I'm not sure if you use, but they have the book there for about the same price. Along with the other books I saw at Barnes and Nobles. The Link
If anyone orders, buys or reads the book I would really appreciate it if I could hear about your experience with it.

Another thing about my trip. Well, it really isn't that big of a deal, but listen if you like. See, there are 2 specific book sections called Spirituality and Religion. In those two sections are, obviously, all kinds of belief systems and religions. Some Christianity, Books about Zen, Astrology, Numberology, Magic, Wicca, and many others.
But then, out in the front, in between isles and right in your walking path so that you have to pass by it is a large table. A big table, dedicated to one single religion, Christianity. The Bible.
Look at it all
Now, I have nothing really against Christians or any other religion. And I guess I understand why they do it (To profit off of the main religion in America). But it just bothered me a little when I noticed it.
I don't need to bring religion into the blog, but I would like to just make a few comments if you don't mind too much.
And if there are any die-hard-Christians in the room, you may like to leave now because I do not wish to offend anyone.
It is just that Christianity is such a Lazy religion. And that is why most people follow it, I think. Wake up and you get coffee, How amazing! Thank you God! Then you drive to work and, Ooh! A parking space in the shade, just for you! Thank you Jesus! Next thing to happen is you get a phone call and you find out your brother's friend's sister's half-cousin's teacher died last night.
"Well," Thinks the Christian, "It must have been apart of Gods plan."
Then they complain about why does God make this or that happen? Their reasoning is that it was ment to be. There is no way to have prevented it from happening because it was part of God's all knowing plan.
Well, that is known as the Lazy Argument.
The Lazy Argument says that, "I have a Cold and am sick. I shouldn't go to the doctor because if I am sick, I was going to become sick whether I prevented it or not. I don't need to go to the doctor for medicine because I am either going to get better, or I am not. It is ment to be. The doctor won't have any affect on what is to happen."
Fate. What will be, Will be.
An Atheist, or maybe a different religion who doesn't just blame everything on God's All-mighty Plan would argue this instead. "I am sick with a cold. I should probably do something about it to get better, or else I may get sicker or even Die. It must have happened because I Licked That Stray Cat Yesterday...It probably had germs that got me sick. It was a bad decision to lick the cat. I shouldn't do that unless I want to become sick. I will go to the doctor to get medicine to get better faster."

If I was to continue my argument on why I get frustrated with Christians I would mention that they took all of what they believe from older religions(Zoroastrianism) and just edited it how they wanted. Almost all religions do this, I know, but Christianity does not admit to this. They changed dates, names, and history. For one example, God originally had a Wife. God and a Goddess. Christians did not like this because they did not want to make men and women equal.

Anyway, I am rambling now. I will end here, and thanks to you for reading.
Good Night, Morning or Afternoon, depending on where you are!
Just have a good day and do something with it!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

More Necronomicon

Okay everyone. Well, Last night I finally got a chance to go to Barnes and Nobles and buy myself the Necronomicon. I went in and went strait to find the correct one. And incase you didn't know, like me, there are ALOT of books that call themselves the Necronomicon...

So. I sifted and looked through books and isles for about an hour. My first thought was to go ahead and buy this one, It's called the Necronomicon, It is an okay length, it looks like it could be it.

I found out that, unlike most people who think they know the Necronomicon, The book is NOT written by H.P. Lovecraft. Supposedly he was the one who came up with the story and idea of the book, but he never wrote it. And yet it somehow created itself or something. It was magically created.
See, I found the book called the Necronomicon written by H.P. Lovecraft, but as it turns out that is what he calls his collection of stories he has written.

The Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft, just a collection of his stories.

Next I called someone I knew would be able to help me out. Jesse has read the Necronomicon and many other things revolving around it and things suggested to be Evil. Anyway, I called. He told me that the book I was looking for was all black, smallish and had a red trim around the top, and a sigel(sign thingy) on the cover. I hunted for it. I found this group of 3 smallish all black covered books, but I thought that they couldn't be it since it was a group of 3 different books. I thought I was searching for a single book. Finally I realized that the red one had to be the correct one and talked to Jesse again about it. He said it was the one.
I took the book up and asked for a new copy if they had any. I need to try and minimize any chances of not being able to experience the crazy stories everyone talks about. I needed a NEW book that was clean and hadn't been read before. Unfortunately the one I had was the last copy. It was a little bent here and there and was obviously read before. I didn't want that. So, I had to order a new one.
Sigh. I am now waiting about a week for it to come in and then I will have to go pick it up. But it will be reserved for me and untouched practically. So I am okay with this. I have Homework this week anyway and spring break new week. More time for reading it hopefully.

While I was looking at the books, I also saw this one. A spell book. I very much doubt I will be needing that thing, but who knows. Jesse has all of them though so I can just borrow his if I need.

I will keep you all updated once anything happens. But I am getting a little scared here. Ive been hearing more stories of what others have had happen because of the book... It is really scary and they were about twice my age when they read it. My mind might be a little bit more...Persuadable? I think? So if they had things happen what will happen to me...
I do get frightened easily and when your mind is expecting to be scared it happens worse I think. Atleast mine does. So I have no Idea what may happen. But I will be keeping you all on weekly events after I finish the book... I may be expecting a bit much but... Maybe that is an okay thing to do when it comes to this.

What do you all think?
Should I be scared?
Have you had any experiences?
Reassure me here. Please.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Story of No Video Footage

Hey everyone. I want to tell you all about the one and only time I actually caught something "ghost" like on camera. See, this was over 4 or 5 years ago. At the time, I was just happily playing around with Ouija boards and attempting to talk with the dead by using the Tapping Method. Anyway, time for story set up.

It was about 4 years ago, When I was using my Flip Video recorder. See, the camera was great for a kid and simple to use and when you needed to upload a video the USB port was just a little flip out on the side so it was always right there. The BIG Problem with this is that since it was attached to the camera itself, if that broke your camera was practically useless. It had a memory system instead of using a SD card or anything. Since I was just a kid at the time of corse it had ended up broken. The only USB ports on the old computer I was using then were at floor level, and so the camera was heavy, a chair bumped into the camera and snapped the dang USB right apart.

That picture is the exact same one I had.

See, this is how it worked.
But since mine was broken, I couldn't upload anything to the internet. I beat myself up so hard and still do sometimes after what happened in this story I am about to tell you.

So, J had come over to hang out at we often did. When they came over we would often spend some of that time playing Ouija Board, and if you remember from one of my first posts me and J had met a spirit named Joseph Doust. Anyway, He had come back to visit us at times. Often when we would be talking to a spirit, they would quickly change and act odd. When they changed their attitude, we could tell that Joseph had come and taken over our conversation. He still does sometimes.

Okay.. here I have gone and tried to draw in MS Paint (Using a trackpad to draw) the set up that we were in.
Me and J were sitting in a dark room only lit by 2 candles. J was on the right, I was on the left and the Ouija Board in the middle. Candles on the sides and I had my camera sitting next to me.

(I know it isn't beautiful but you get the jist of what i am saying.)

So, I set up my camera. New batteries, it had a memory life of up to one hour. We were all set up and ready to go. I had to kind of sit the Flip Camera on a low chair and prop it with books to aim it at the board. In the camera's sight, you could only see the Board and the candles, but you could easily identify our hands from anything moving in the room.
I hit Record.
Moved around the board 3 times.
"Hello! Is anyone here that would like to talk with us?"
No movement.
"Is anyone in the room with us?"
"What is your name?"
No answer
"Do you want to talk with us?"
Very slowly Ouija- H-E-L-L-O
"What is your name?"
Ever so slowly Ouija- H-Y-L-E-Y
"Is that your name?"
Ouija- No
"Are you a girl?"
Ouija- Yes
"When did you die?"
Ouija- Yes
"Do you want to talk with us?"
Moving much faster now Ouija- Yes Yes Yes
It kept moving over the Yes, then circling back to it again.
"Whoah. Are you the same spirit?"
Ouija- No
"What is your name?"
Ouija- J-O-S-E-P-H
Me and J together "Joseph"
I am not quite sure whether to be happy or disturbed.
"Have you been Following us?"
"Who have you been following?"
"Both of us?"
"Then, where did we go earlier today?"
"Do you know?"
Ouija- Yes
"Then tell us"
"Oh. Yes we did. What did I get from the mall?"
J asks Joseph "What color underwear am I wearing?"
J says they need to go check. They get up and go to the bathroom. As they leave, a gust of cold air rushes past me and out the room with J. I feel strangely alone, yet like I am being watched.
J returns and says to Joseph "Nope."
J replies "Um, Yes. I am."
I ask Joseph "Did you happen to leave and follow J to the bathroom?"
J is surprised and gets a bit angry.
"So, you can watch us shower if you want?"
We hesitate...
"Do You?"
We are being called by some family so we needed to leave.
"Joseph, we need to go right now. You will probably be watching us anyway, wont you? Anyway. We are going to say good bye and talk to you later, okay?"
Joseph moves for use as we move around the board 3 times to say goodbye.

We leave and I check the video. Nothing on camera at all. Nothing.

I little while later, we set back up again and are in the same sitting position and I set up the camera once more. I hit the record button and we put our hands on the mover.
"Okay. Is anyone here with us?"
Ouija- Yes
"Hello. Can we ask your name?"
Ouija- No
"Okay. Do you have a name you want us to call you?"
Me and J mention haw cold it is and we can feel a breeze. My hands are ice cold too.
Ouija- A
"Okay. Hi A."
"When did you die?"
Ouija- H-A-H-A-H-A
"Are you laughing at us?"
"Do you want to talk with us?"
My hands begin to burn and I ask what is going on. J says they got a pinch on their back and arm.
"A, are you doing this?"
We were about to say goodbye when the mover began moving slowly...
Ouija- H-E-L-P-P
"Help? What?"
My hands were burning and stinging and J had already taken their hands off so we just needed to stop this. Enough.
"We are going to say goodbye now."
We quickly moved the mover three times, and I couldn't quite tell if it was us or the board moving it.

As we ran out of the room, J sat on the couch. I thought it was strange and J just wanted to go do something else. I told them to wait until we watched the video. We sat on the couch and I started the video...
"Okay. But I need a glass of water."
J got up and got some water. I watched.
The first 23 seconds were normal.. Then all of a sudden, a black flash of a figure.
My eyes widened and are fixed on the screen. I couldn't even say anything to J to come look. I began having chills. I continued to watch the last 4 minutes of the video, partly silent as I began letting out little whimpers. Nearing the end of the video, at 3Minutes and 36Seconds the same black figure floats across the camera, coming back the way it came in the beginning of the recording.
As the video ends, I begin to tear up and almost start to cry. I'm not sure why. Just the built up fright and shock? I Quickly make J watch the video and we both begin to get scared.
We take the video to my parents, to our friends who were over, to my brother. We needed to show people, just to make sure that there was no other explanation for it. No one knew how to react to it or could they explain it. I cursed myself for having broken the camera months before. "Why!?"
If there was any explanation for what happened I would have thought of it. But I can't.
So all that is left is for me to try and explain to you what it was I saw.

The camera was aimed at the Board, with only candles lighting it. The candles didn't even flicker to make it hard to see, it was lit well. Then you see our hands over the board and can just about make out the letters on it. 23Seconds or so in a Fully Blackened Half of a figure passes, almost floating since it didn't take steps, right past the camera from right to left. So moving from J towards me.

The figure looked to me sort of manly. Broad shoulders and short haired.

Then, at 3Minutes and 36 or so Seconds, the same figure, but further away from the camera moves back from where it came. It moves swiftly and with a smooth flow.

Sigh... and then to add to how horrible I was as a kid with a camera, about a week later I was showing my cousin the video and instead of hitting the Play Button, Can you guess what I hit?? The Delete Button. Ofcorse.

 Thanks for reading.
Give me your thoughts.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UnNamed Topic Title(Astral Pojection)

Well. Thank you to all my Followers. I really appreciate all of the support.
About my latest post about the Necronomicon...

I just want to let you all know that I am probably the slowest reader you will ever meet. Literally, I don't read for fun and when I am asked for reports or school I just skim and scam. So the last time I read a book for fun was when I read a Goosebumps book back in like 8th grade. And everyone wanted to make fun of me for it because only 5th grades read Goosebumps, but they were all a little jealous and  wanted to read Goosebumps instead of big fat Harry Potter books and Romeo and Juliet. Ha. Take that!

So. Basically what I am trying to say is, when I do read the Necronomicon, It is going to take me a long time to finish. Even if I do get into it.

No worries though, Il tell you all about it.

So for to days post, Let me talk about something that I wouldn't really call Paranormal Happenings, but you all may know a little bit about it.

Out Of Body Experiences (OBE)((Astral Projection))
Okay, so for those who don't know. An Out of Body Experience is an Experience which happens out of your body..Or maybe you already assumed that. Okay. Moving on.
See, I've written reports on it, read about it online and in several books, and I believe have had a few myself, but not all that many. See, It often happens when you are lazy, tired, sleepy, or day dreaming. Kinda like in this photo.
(Ignore the words floating around there, imagine they are birds or random imaginary things the guy wants)

See, what happens is your mind is not bound by the limits of your physical self...
When you sleep, your mind can wonder as it will and float on around to where ever it wants. As your mind drifts from self consciousness to your sleepy unwary thinking, your soul-spirit-what ever you want to call it- leaves your body. It can go into another room, out your house, down the street, fly to the top of a building, watch friends, go to another state, country, or universe.
 When you zone-out and your mind takes you to a random strange place, you might actually be there, just not physically. In a dream that felt very real, or that really stuck with you and you can remember very clearly, you may have been to that strange place, known as the Astral Planes.
I just really liked that guys expression. I needed to use it somewhere.
Anyway, so at any given time when you enter REM sleep (Don't know what REM sleep is? That's another topic for another time. Go Look It Up)your soul(or spirit) may leave your physical body and leave it laying there on the sofa. Kinda like an empty shell that the dog may want to gnaw on, right?
Well, Yes. But No. The dog will not be able to come up and start gnawing on your hand just because you happen to not be "home" at the moment.
Your physical body and astral body are connected, some say by an invisible light strand or string, and if you believe that you may also believe that all living creatures(humans, animals, trees) are also connected by this light strand. It is the same idea.
When your Astral Body is out and about, floating around and doing things without your body, your body is at home being a watch dog or sorts. Your body has a part of consciousness left in it that it can tell the difference between friend or foe near your physical body, and that it would rouse you should you be in any physical danger. According to some experts, you are actually more safe while out of your body than when you are in your body.

I will end this here, as I need to be going. But there have been many people who have shown to have preformed astral projection, and you can actually practice this. If you become good at astral projection, you can use it for your own purposes. But hopefully used in good taste.

Thanks for reading, guys. I know more if you want to know. But this is enough info for now.
Be good and Il be back with more later.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

So about, Necronomicon?

I really don't know much. I was only talking about it lately and now I am very curious about it.
Over the weekend I heard about the Necronomicon, that the story is simply about God and Lucifer. How Lucifer was treated by God and that it makes God seem like the one who did all of the wronging and screwed over Lucifer.

Anyway, what I am not sure of is that I heard that once you get to a certain point in the story you reach a page that states, in BOLD thick print and takes up an entire page:
Something like that. Basically that if you read any further you will begin to see and hear things. Things that are so real you can feel and smell them. See things that others tell you are not there, but you know for a fact that it is standing, breathing right in front of you both. It is most defenatley there, even if no one believes you.
What happens next is that after you finish the book, it begins. You see it and hear it. What ever that "It" is for you. And when you go back into the book to try and find that page, that warning to not read any further, It will have diapered. Vanished. Completely gone.

I was talking to my mom about it for the first time about it 2 days ago. She has read it, along with my dad, my step dad, and several of our family friends. My mom explained her experience.
She read the book one night years ago. She had gotten into the story when she read the warning page and paused a moment. Then continued reading. She finished the book in one night and was going to bed with my father in bed, asleep. As she laid there, she looked out into the hallway and saw a creature. A large creature that came into the doorway and stood there. Breathing. Became larger. A Huge beast like creature that was so large that it took up the whole doorway. I have no idea what the creature looked like, but it was scary for sure.

My mom watched it in shock... Its body moved as it breathed. My mom tried to sleep. Eventually she did. She must have thought only that she was imagining it, but she knew how real it was to her.
Years later, my dad came home from work with a poster he had found and liked. He unrolled it and put it up on their bedroom wall. The moment my mom saw the poster, she almost screamed and told my dad right away, "That is the creature!! That is what I saw in the doorway that night after reading the Necronomicon!"
That is when she became interested in rereading the book again. She read it once again, Word for word. Cover to cover. For some strange reason, she didn't find the Warning page. She asked my dad and some friends who had read the book.
All of them said that they had read the warning page. But when she asked if they had seen the warning page after reading it the first time, they all had realized that it wasn't there. She sat down with 3 friends who had read it and were all very curios. They took a book and all looked, page by page to find the warning which had disappeared.
Maybe it was stuck to the back of one page. Maybe it was smaller than they thought they remembered. Either way, they were set out to find that page. Why couldn't any of them find the page??
They searched and still to this day, they don't understand why they can not find the page.
My mom never had such crazy experiences that she had after reading it the first time, the second time never felt the same.

Now I am wondering. Now that I know the page exists, Will I be unable to find the page when I read the Necronomicon? What if I read one that someone has already read, will the page be gone? What if you mark the page, dog-ear the edge the first time you read the book, will you find it again? If you rip the page out and tack it on a wall, will it vanish after you finish the book?
And what if now that I have told you all about the existence of the page, will none of you be able to ever see it? I'm wondering, and now I must go out to buy the book...
I will keep you all informed of if or when I buy it, and I will also let you know if or when I finish it.
Still unsure of anything.
You guys let me know.

Friday, 18 March 2011

The Stove Top Ghost

Well, It seems that quite a few people are interested in my last story, and that I'm not alone in the scary events of ghosts and Ouijia Board and such things. Let me think of another story I have..
My latest Ghostly Happening happened about a month or two ago. This one doesn't involve a Ouijia Board.
Let me set up the story for you. I live in a small studio apartment with E. We don't usually spend the days there since we can go elsewhere and just come back to sleep. Anyway, E had left for a few days to go see some friends and this was the first time I was alone in the house for more then an hour or so by myself.
     The first night, I got myself prepared for bed and decided to get to sleep early, about 9ish. Anyway, I slept. For at least a few hours. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and checked the time.
2:30 AM on the dot. I hate waking up at that time... Dead Hour is what they call it, between 2 and 4'oclock is about the most active time for spirit activity. 3 AM  mainly. But I wasn't thinking too much of it, to avoid looking for any strange things and scaring myself. After I used the bathroom I went back to bed and just relaxed.
     Soon it is morning. I get up and think about what I need to do for the day. I walk to the kitchen and notice the oven. We never use the oven or stove top, it's electric and always took a while to heat up. But it has little lights on it, one that turns orange when the stove is turned on and one that turns orange when the oven is in use. As I walked to the kitchen I noticed that the oven light was on. I was surprised but thought about it logically. Maybe I turned it on? No. I just woke up and I know I didn't do it. Maybe E had turned it on before they left last night? So I called them and asked. Of corse not. 
(It looks just like this one I found on google images, but with 2 lights.)

     I opened the oven and felt inside, it had to have been on for a few hours. It wasn't on last night when I got up. How is it on?? I turned it off and began the day. Took a shower, and kept hearing little noises outside that sounded like someone was in the house. But there was no one, so I ignored them. I checked the doors and windows to make sure they were locked. Nothing else seemed weird so I just thought I was being paranoid. After a bit, It had gotten really quiet so I turned on some music and did some more homework.
      I started hearing tapping on the wall in front of me. It easily could have been the neighbors. Again, I heard tapping, getting louder. I decided to face another wall and continue my homework. Just a moment later, I heard the same tapping noise on the new wall in front of me. I thought it was odd, as it got louder and louder and began thumping and then turned into a banging. I turned again, this time to face my front door. Even over my music, which was pretty loud, the banging continued on the door. I thought maybe that someone was knocking this time, but knew that wasn't the normal noise that knocking made on the door. I began to think that if I was open the door, I would let the entity inside. 
     I finished my homework and pulled out a pack of playing cards. I decided to text a friend to get my mind off of it. I text T and told them to choose Left or Right. I divided the deck evenly and waited for a reply. T text back, Left. So I began to pay war with the invisible friend. I was winning, then T began to win. I was texting T and explaining the odd events, then they stopped texting back. I guessed that they just had something more important to do at the moment. Soon I was bored and didn't know what to do. Something told me to place the cards into groups of 4 and pair them up in a weird pattern. I didn't know what I was doing, but something was telling me to do it. I did it until I had divided the deck and sorted it into perfect pairs...
    I noticed that it was creepy because I felt almost entranced. I didn't know why I was doing what I was doing. Then, I felt a tug on my hair.. I got up slowly and thought I was just imagining it. Then walked in a circle a few times and fixed my hair. Then I sat back down and played with the cards some more. I felt as though, if I stopped playing cards and dividing them, matching them into pairs, that something bad was likely to happen. Once again, I felt the same tugging on my hair in the exact same place on my head. I got scared and decided to leave the house until later. 

     Before I knew it It was almost midnight and needed to go home yet again. I went home and began texting some friends again, T and E. T had said that their phone had acted strange earlier and that even though it was fully charged, it had turned off and on and off again on its own. I remembered that when me and E first moved into the house, E's phone had been doing the same thing. I thought that was very strange too. E and I talked for a while, and they reassured me that I would be okay but if I was scared that I should go sleep at another house. I didn't want to be scared, so I sat on my bed with the light on and listened to some music. I began to smell something odd. I stood up and walked to another part of the house, it was only near the bed. I went back to the bed and the smell was gone pretty much. Then I started hearing the foot steps. I hadn't said anything to E about it, but since we had moved in I would hear foot steps in the middle of the night, particularly at 2 and 3 in the morning. I tried to stay calm. Deep breaths, it isn't anything, maybe it is the neighbors? I listened.. No sounds were coming from anywhere but right in front of the bed. I couldn't see anything.
    I was too scared to do anything, but put my shoes back on and get out of the house.

The next day, I had to go back to the house and pack my things. I had planed a week before to go see my parents. I needed to take a shower. It seemed calm and fine, so I took a nice shower and enjoyed it. It didn't seem weird, until I got out and the oven had been turned on yet again. How!?! Is it faulty? But the knobs had been twisted. And even for me, it was hard enough to twist those things on. Really, half the time I couldn't even twist them because they were almost stuck. What was even worse is that it had been raining that week, and we happened to have a leak just above the stove. The only thing we could do was to put a big plastic bowl in the middle of the stove to collect the water. I need to leave the bowl there or we will end up with a huge wet mess.
     If the stove was to be turned on with the bowl on top, it would likely start a fire. What am I supose to do? Hmm?
Anyway, I packed up and once again heard the knocking on all of the walls around me. I packed fast and ran out, locking the door behind me. E tells me that the ghosts were only trying to take care of me and keep me warm at night.

     I hadn't noticed until I returned from my parents house later that week that I do keep a pouch hanging next to my bed, and in that pouch I keep a big chunk of Quartz Stone. They say that Quartz attracts spirits and the dead. I still have it hanging there. And often times at night, I feel as though someone is standing over my bed, breathing and watching me. A tall male presence. I'm not sure if it is just me or if it may actually be a ghost, but it's up for your interpretations. As for me, I need to go back to that same house once again. I will keep my wits about me and let you all know if I sense anything strange.

What do you think? Neighbors? Faulty machine?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Ghostly Encounter

Well, This shall be my first post. And I think I will start it with a story of mine.

One night, I was staying at a friend's house, Their name is K. My friend's J and M were there too, our families often hung out and so we all had a chance to hang out together.
K's dad ordered us Pizza and after pizza J and I said that we were going to play Ouiji Board.
Ive played it for years and have heard and know all of the superstitions, how you can become possessed, become controlled by the devil, open a portal, become cursed, be haunted, bad luck, die. Etc Etc.
When we were done eating me and J made the Ouiji Board on the back of the pizza box with a sharpie and a mover we made out of paper. M and K were joking about it all but said that they were too scared to play. Me and J, being the brave ones, started.

"Is anyone here who would like to speak with us?"
Ouiji's answer- No.
"So, no one wants to talk with us?"
Ouiji- No.
"Is there anyone else in the room who would like to speak?"
...No answer.
We move it 3 times and say good bye.

We try again.
"Is there anyone in the room who would like to talk with us?"
Instant reaction from Ouiji- Yes.
"Can we ask your name?"
Ouiji- Yes.
"What is your name?"
Ouiji- J-O-S-E-P-H.
"Can we ask you your last name?"
Ouiji- D-O-U-S-T.
"Hello there, Joseph Doust!"
Ouiji- H-I-H-I-H-I-H-I
"How are you?"
Ouiji- G-O-O-D
Ouiji- Y-O-U
"How are we?"
Ouiji- Yes
"We are pretty good, ate some pizza. But our friends here, behind us are scared of you."
Ouiji- A-W
"What? You want them to play?"
Ouiji- Yes
"Guys, come on. It's not even scary."
As I say this, we feel a big cold gust of air blow past us, one at a time. We had been feeling brushes or coldness on out hands and necks. Our friends still will not play, they are hiding, wrapped in blankets.
"I am sorry, Joseph. They are still too scared to play."
Ouiji- P-L-A-Y
"We are here, we want to play. Is there anything that you want to tell us?"
Ouiji- Yes
"What is it?"
Ouiji- Q-F-G-L-Z-D-Z-D-Z-E-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z
"Joseph? That doesn't make sense. Are you still speaking English?"
J tells me that "you are never supose to let a spirit go through all of the letters on the board, if they do and get to Goodbye, they will not go away."
I tell J, M and K as reinsurance that they don't have to worry. If anything happens I can do a banishing.
K is still really worried but we keep playing.
Ouiji- H-E-L-L-O
"Do you still want to talk with us?"
Ouiji- A-B-C-D-Z-S-Z-S-Z-S-Z-S--
We stop it from moving by taking our hands off the mover.
"Joseph, you need to stop that if you want to talk with us."
I put my hands back on, and J keeps theirs off for a little while.
Ouiji very slowly- Yes
"Can you still talk with us if I am the only one with my hands on?"
Ouiji very slowly- N-O
It spelled No out instead of going to the answer, No.
"Should J put their hands back on?"
Ouiji a little faster- Yes
J put their hands on the mover again.
"Why can't you move it on your own?"
Ouiji- E-N-E-R-G-Y
"You need energy? Like out energy?"
Ouiji- Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A--
"Joseph! Stop!"
The mover stops instantly.
We begin getting frusterated and thinking we should just stop.
I decide to give Joseph one more chance.
"Joseph, is there any other spirits in the room with us?"
Ouiji slowly- Yes
"Would they like to talk with us?"
Ouiji slowly- Yes
"Where are they?"

Ouiji moves to different corners of the board to point to where the spirits are.
I had been sitting on the left of the board, J had been sitting on the right with the other two, K and M in a blanket behind J. I thought that I was all by myself on that side of the board. Joseph showed me that I was not. He pointed to both sides of me, then one next to J and another was in the room near by K.

"Can they show us that they are here?"
I knew that you are never supose to ask that question, or for them to show themselves... But J wanted to ask.
As we asked, K let out a small scream. They said that they were being poked. J asked for someone to poke them too. J felt nothing. All of a suden, my hand which was still on the mover and had been very cold the whole time, it started to warm up, faster and faster. I got a little scared and told them. My hand was almost to a point that it felt as though it was burning. Burning from the inside out and tingling at the same time.

I needed to ask, "Why is my hand burning?"
Ouiji- V-A-L-N-A
"Valna? What? Is it someone else here? They are making my hand burn??"
Ouiji- E-V-I-L
"What evil? Joseph? Should we stop playing?"
Ouiji- V-A-L-N-A- I-S -E-V-I-L
K and M began saying that they were very cold and J said that they were being pricked.
I still wanted to know about Valna.
"Is Valna a boy or Girl?"
Ouiji- No
Ouiji- G-I--
"Girl? Can you ask her to please stop this?"
Ouiji- A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A--

We stopped playing for a moment and felt that we needed to leave.
As we sat there, I began feeling cold again. My hand had stopped burning and I still had questions, but had an urge to leave. Soon, I realized that K and M were staring at me, Wide eyed and everything. Then J got nervous and let out a small scream. I turned my head to the side as I saw that a part of my hair was sticking out some, as I turned my head more, I realized that it was being raised up and pulled.
I was shocked and everyone jumped up and ran out of the room. I was almost paralyzed and couldn't move. I yelled at them to come back and not to leave me. Then I broke the nerves and ran out of there.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Me and J after a minute went back inside, said that we were sorry for getting so scared, then we both moved to Goodbye three times and said sorry once more.

There is more to this story, but i think it is long enough already.
Joseph has become a friend, who often likes to play jokes. And Valna has decided that she has something against me. I'm not sure what.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Original Post

Hello, Hello, Hello. My name is Luna.
This is a blog I have created to get opinions and stories and such from my followers, listeners and readers, along as myself. I am currently 17 years old and yet I feel that Ive had quite a bit of paranormal experiences (Such as ghosts) for my time here.
I have always been interested in anything paranormal since I can possible remember, and I have a good memory.
My parents introduced me to things like the Ouiji Board and ghost movies at a young age, and everyone I think has been told a ghost story once or twice. Those are pretty much the only kind of stories that intrigue me.

My plan here is to tell a few of my stories about my experience and to hear what you all have to say about it, or for you to tell me about your experiences or what you think has happened.
Anything you feel like saying, say it. If you don't believe in ghosts, that is okay with me! Tell me your reasoning!
If you have an alien experience tell me! I have never had an outer space invasion experience before.

I'm a very open person when it comes to the paranormal.
So, lets get this started.