Friday, 8 April 2011

Just Mentioning

Hey. I just thought I would mention a few things about my trip to Barnes and Nobles the other day when I went to buy the Necronomicon. Well, first of all, for those who are interested, the paper back book only costs $7.99 Dollars.
(This is specifically for one of my Followers who asked, Claude) You can buy the book online. I'm not sure if you use, but they have the book there for about the same price. Along with the other books I saw at Barnes and Nobles. The Link
If anyone orders, buys or reads the book I would really appreciate it if I could hear about your experience with it.

Another thing about my trip. Well, it really isn't that big of a deal, but listen if you like. See, there are 2 specific book sections called Spirituality and Religion. In those two sections are, obviously, all kinds of belief systems and religions. Some Christianity, Books about Zen, Astrology, Numberology, Magic, Wicca, and many others.
But then, out in the front, in between isles and right in your walking path so that you have to pass by it is a large table. A big table, dedicated to one single religion, Christianity. The Bible.
Look at it all
Now, I have nothing really against Christians or any other religion. And I guess I understand why they do it (To profit off of the main religion in America). But it just bothered me a little when I noticed it.
I don't need to bring religion into the blog, but I would like to just make a few comments if you don't mind too much.
And if there are any die-hard-Christians in the room, you may like to leave now because I do not wish to offend anyone.
It is just that Christianity is such a Lazy religion. And that is why most people follow it, I think. Wake up and you get coffee, How amazing! Thank you God! Then you drive to work and, Ooh! A parking space in the shade, just for you! Thank you Jesus! Next thing to happen is you get a phone call and you find out your brother's friend's sister's half-cousin's teacher died last night.
"Well," Thinks the Christian, "It must have been apart of Gods plan."
Then they complain about why does God make this or that happen? Their reasoning is that it was ment to be. There is no way to have prevented it from happening because it was part of God's all knowing plan.
Well, that is known as the Lazy Argument.
The Lazy Argument says that, "I have a Cold and am sick. I shouldn't go to the doctor because if I am sick, I was going to become sick whether I prevented it or not. I don't need to go to the doctor for medicine because I am either going to get better, or I am not. It is ment to be. The doctor won't have any affect on what is to happen."
Fate. What will be, Will be.
An Atheist, or maybe a different religion who doesn't just blame everything on God's All-mighty Plan would argue this instead. "I am sick with a cold. I should probably do something about it to get better, or else I may get sicker or even Die. It must have happened because I Licked That Stray Cat Yesterday...It probably had germs that got me sick. It was a bad decision to lick the cat. I shouldn't do that unless I want to become sick. I will go to the doctor to get medicine to get better faster."

If I was to continue my argument on why I get frustrated with Christians I would mention that they took all of what they believe from older religions(Zoroastrianism) and just edited it how they wanted. Almost all religions do this, I know, but Christianity does not admit to this. They changed dates, names, and history. For one example, God originally had a Wife. God and a Goddess. Christians did not like this because they did not want to make men and women equal.

Anyway, I am rambling now. I will end here, and thanks to you for reading.
Good Night, Morning or Afternoon, depending on where you are!
Just have a good day and do something with it!


mac-and-me said...

good night as well

Claude said...

Ah thanks for posting the link on amazon, and I'm surprised it's so cheap. I think I might check it out, just not right now :)

Rockinrule said...

and a good night to you, sir

Trelin said...

I'd never thought of Christianity as lazy, but you're right. I don't think it has to be that way, but most people approach it like you describe.

LunaSihne said...

@ Claude- No problem.

@ Rockinrule- I'd just like to say that I am not a sir, I am a madam. Thank you, good nigh.

@ Trelin- Well, it is there for anyone's interpretations.

consuela bananahammoc said...

Good niiiiight :) <3

DerpFiles said...

did you peruse the paranormal teen romance section?

SOMS said...

thanks for the tip

Puzzlefighter said...

Good Night!! Less than three.

consuela bananahammoc said...

Gift bible?! Really?

n said...

Oh, the christianity. Personally, I quite see it as a mere instrument of the authorities as it wasn't even a religion at first; Jesus wasn't seen as a God, more of a philosopher. Just made such to control the masses 300 years later. Worked pretty well to this day, I think.

skinned sheep said...

ha! typical of our authoritative government.

jesus christ is the true "satan".