Thursday, 7 July 2011

It has been a while. Short Story Time!

And I am still not done with the Necronomicon. I havn't had much time for reading lately, but I have not found that page yet.
I thought I would just give an updated post about something since it has been so long... Lets see.
I can recall many incidents when i could swear there was another presence in the room with me, even though it seems I should be all alone. This isn't much of a story, but it is something.

Often times, I would play the Ouija Board with good friends, and it seems that we would often talk to the same spirits depending on who was around. If I played it with C I would end up with Raz. If I played with J we would talk with Joeseph and Often Valna, all though Valna seems to follow me no matter who I am with.
After a day of school (A few years ago) and Playing Ouija with C and a friend I came home and wanted to relax in my room alone. The house was pretty quiets and I think I was the only one home besides my younger brother and Dad, who had their own things to tend to such as playing video games.
It was getting late and dark in the room. I didn't know why but I just felt uneasy. I didnt like the feeling at all, like being watched. I needed to leave the room and go be with my brother to get the feeling out of my mind. So I did, until later that night when I was going to bed. See, I had a bunk bed, and I slept on the bottom with a blanket hanging down from the top to cover my bed. It was very nice, like my own area. Then to the other side of me, I had a window seal where I kept my alarm clock. There was random stuff up on the top bunk alot of the time, like games and books and things.
Anyway I went to sleep. I began to feel that creepy feeling again. It was getting harder and harder for me to sleep, but I kept my eyes closed and kept myself calm.
After about ten minutes of lying awake, and having that uneasy feeling, I felt something like a push on my leg. I knew no one was there, so It was very odd and a bit frightening. I lay there still. A moment later, my alarm clock decides to jump off of my window seal and fly at my head, hitting me hard in the face. I get up a bit and trying to make an explanation without jumping to conclusions, and I make the decision to ignore it and act like that happens all the time or something, so I placed the clock back and lay down again. This time my heart is pounding and I am considering leaving the room and sleeping out on the couch.
Before I can make up my mind, It is made up for me. A heavy book from the top bunk slides its self down and off the bed and very nearly hits me, just like the clock did, in the head.
I decided Ive had enough and grab a blanket and pillow and fly out of the room.

That is my true story for today.
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sorry for Not Posting, We all Have a Life!

"Oh I saw a ghost today! He looked red and blue and like on fire!"
Sorry. No, I didn't. I good friend just wanted to help me write my post for today and that is what they came up with.
So. Nothing much has happened lately that I could specify as strange or ghostly. I am about half way done with the Necronomicon. Before I read it, normally I read at night, I make sure that I have a line of salt along each door and window, just to be superstitiously safe.
Mmm.. What else can I report on?
I do have an interesting story I could tell you all about but at this moment I don't have much time to type.
Maybe I can tell you all about it later, maybe this week.
The reason that I have been relatively busy lately is the reason that I have not been able to post frequently.
(This is for anyone interested in knowing why I have been busy. I just graduated High School and also have many thing on my plate to deal with revolving around that fact. Thank you for your understanding and patience.)

So. Other than that, What kind of things are you all interested in hearing about from my blog?
What do you like?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

UFO Stories

This is about Paranormal Happenings, not just Ghostly.
In this post, I ask you what you think about UFOs. Any first person stories?
Do you even believe in UFOs?

I personally believe that there are other living beings out there, but I am not sure of what they look like or even if they have traveled to other planets. I Don't really believe that we have been visited by aliens, or at least that we have not been visited with in the last thousand or so years. But what do I know?
So many myths and theories.

A few month ago, or last year anyway, my dad who watches all kinds of myth and alien shows was at home one night. I didn't live there at the time. He went out to see why so many of the neighbors were outside. He found that there was a strange blue flying light in the sky, almost over head. It seemed so close.
He didn't know what to think at first, but after the same light showed up yet again just a few nights later he wanted to believe that it could be aliens. He even recorded videos of it, some on his phone when he didn't have his camera. He would call me up to explain all about the light and he got me curious.
Soon I came down for a visit and it just so happened that the blue light showed up again.
My dad was going to take the car and we were going to drive after the light to try and find it, not really expecting much but just out of curiosity and all. I tried to explain to him that there are amazing toys out there that could make this happen. It doesn't mean that it is an Alien, but I also didn't want to kill his hopes of other life out there.
The car was out of gas so we quickly just hoped on some bikes and took off toward the light.

It took us a while, but we were getting somewhere. Some people thought that more than likely the lights were some sort of government experiment or jet of some kind because they seemed to be coming from the military base near by. That wasn't a bad idea. I wasn't doubting that as an explanation.
It took us about 30 or so minutes I think before we got lost and the light dropped out of the sky. We called to see if anyone could see it from the house, but before we even got their answer I heard a loud humming noise and looked around. The light Jumped out right at me almost and my dad hung up the phone and we watched the light. It was literally so close I thought I could toss a rock at it and hit it.

I tried to find a decent video on Youtube because I know there is a ton, but I couldn't find one with out noise or stupid music playing in the background. I chose this one because they are close to the light and you can see all of its weird shapes and neon glowing-ness. I watch it with the sound off. The music annoys me.

We rounded the corner and found a park up ahead. We rode up and found a man there, and a group of kids and people watching the sky. The guy had a remote. He watched the light in the sky all most as if he was controlling it. Which he was.
Taken with my horrid Cell phone camera

Still there are people who don't believe that it was being remote controlled.
Anyway, thats my story for today.
Who here has a better one?
i want to hear!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Exciting News-Sunshine Award

Who here knows about the Sunshine(Zomtastic) Blogger Award?
Well I have been Nominated by my good friends D4 and Zombies Everywhere.
D4 has nominated me and all of my blogs, of which I have 4 if you are not aware. Zombie has nominated me for my Pokemon Writer Blog and all of its Zombie glory.

I will be posting about my Nomination in each of my blogs to spread the word about the Award and how if you are good at what you do and have a friend who believes you have an amazing blog, you too may be Nominated!

To Left, <--- Is the Sunshine Award!

To the right is Zombie's Own Award that he hands out

The Awards also come with some rules, and I am assuming that if you are going to accept the award you may want to play by the rules.

The Rules Are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us some things about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.

So here goes.
I had no idea that these awards even existed until today, so I was very surprised to be getting them. 
A big thank you shout out to D4 and Zombies Everywhere once again for the Nominations!
If you enjoy Music you can check out D4 and he shall most deffenatley provide.
As for if you are a Zombie lover you will want to check out Zombie's blog and you will fall in love.

About me?
I don't like to fill these parts out too much. I am currently just working on finding my place in the world, like I am sure many of us are. I believe that I am a very kind and caring person and I only wish I was more out going for many reasons. I enjoy zomibes. Love myself some pokemon. I have got to say that my favorite music band must be Modest Mouse. I graduate school this month and want nothing more than to travel to many places, countries, states, taking pictures and enjoying the traveling life. I want to become a great at photography and or an illustrating.
I play and watch alot of video games and go crazy over ducktape. I even make ducktape wristbands and such things, even art work, all out of ducktape. It is great.

Next step is to Nominate 10 bloggers!
These ten nominations are all great and I follow each one, they post often and don't leave toy hanging like many bloggers do. Check them out.

1. No Really You Can Eat It -Amazing food recipes that tingle the taste buds.
2. Anti-Art -As it says, Anti-Art! Some graffiti and other such that make me laugh. 
3. D4 And Music -Great music suggestions and fun blogs.
4. Fun Flash Games -The name says it, Fun Flash Games! They post often enough.
5. Meme and Other LOL -Great stuff that always makes me laugh, especially if you know memes.
6. Sam And Dan Games -This Guy is AMAZING at making games and has some in production.
7. WALLPAPERS GENERAL -I needed to give props because the papers are always great.
8. WebPicz -Want a laugh? Check em' out. Its great, even though it has been a while since last post.
9. Zombies Everywhere -Zombie posts almost every day that fill the void of a Zombie Apocalypse.
10. Motivationalizer -Just as the title suggests, just check it out and you will love it.

Choosing the ten Nominations was pretty hard and took me a while to look through my whole list of followers. Sorry if I didn't mention you, but just keep up the work. I am sure you will find your award is on its way.
I did nominate the two people who did nominate me...I was not sure if I can do that but I did it anyway!

Thank you everyone, and like I said, Please check these Nominated Bloggers out!
Now I am off to post this on to my other blogs and to tell my Nominations about it all!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


I am here. No, I did not go and vanish or die from some crazy thing.
I just have been a little crazy these past 2 or so weeks, and It looks like I might be just as bust this upcoming week or two more. School and such happenings.
But I am still reading that book. Necronomicon. But as iv'e said before, I am A Slow Freakin Reader.
Ive barely actually gotten into the book. So, I'm afraid that this may take me a little while longer to finish. Sorry.

But, if you want to know about my latest events here is a short explanation.
About 2 weeks ago (about the time I bought the Necronomicon) I felt like I needed to get something interesting to write about for the blog, so I went with a few semi-experienced friends of mine, C and J (a different J than I have mentioned in my other stories). We went to our closest cemetery in hopes of some kind of spirit activity. All I was attempting to do was find some video footage of anything strange, so I brought my camera.
We were attempting to provoke a demon. Just any demon really, so we chose one in the correct sun-sign and one that preferably was not all that powerful. I found Vassago (Vah-saw-shi-o).
According to Wikipedia, " He can be persuaded to tell the magician of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a "good" nature."
Honestly, It was a last minute thing and so we hadn't really prepared for it. When we go to the cemetery we made an offering of things we found around the area. Some pine cones, old oranges, flowers and things. We placed them all on two large palm leaves. C made a wreath of flowers earlier and we made that the center of the offerings. C also began to take thin branches and long strands to tie the branches together into a large circle the the three of us could sit in.
Anyway, we drew out the Sigil for Vassago on placed that for our focus and we began from where we thought we should start.

Anyway, to make this short, We said and did some stuff and basically nothing happened. Vassago said he didn't want to talk to us or something. And My camera recorded for an hour and a half before it ran out of memory.  Nothing to report on I guess.. But I shall keep reading.

Thanks guys.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Okay everyone.
 I finally have it. The Necronomocon itself. Just bought it not over 3 hours ago and I am getting excited to read it.
 But yet again, I am a little afraid.
 I need to ask you all, what do you think? How should I be doing this?
 Do you think I should just read it in the early mornings when there is light and sunshine, when there is music and other people around? Or should I be completely alone in the dark and read by candle light?
Im looking for your guy's ideas. Does it even matter how I read the book? In long sittings or just a little bit at a time? What do I do?
Like I said, I am scared here. I am worried I may actually provoke something, something powerful or dangerous. Or is it all fake and if I really don't believe anything will happen, nothing will.

I plan on reading it tomorrow night after I hear some comments, so Please! Talk to me!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Just Mentioning

Hey. I just thought I would mention a few things about my trip to Barnes and Nobles the other day when I went to buy the Necronomicon. Well, first of all, for those who are interested, the paper back book only costs $7.99 Dollars.
(This is specifically for one of my Followers who asked, Claude) You can buy the book online. I'm not sure if you use, but they have the book there for about the same price. Along with the other books I saw at Barnes and Nobles. The Link
If anyone orders, buys or reads the book I would really appreciate it if I could hear about your experience with it.

Another thing about my trip. Well, it really isn't that big of a deal, but listen if you like. See, there are 2 specific book sections called Spirituality and Religion. In those two sections are, obviously, all kinds of belief systems and religions. Some Christianity, Books about Zen, Astrology, Numberology, Magic, Wicca, and many others.
But then, out in the front, in between isles and right in your walking path so that you have to pass by it is a large table. A big table, dedicated to one single religion, Christianity. The Bible.
Look at it all
Now, I have nothing really against Christians or any other religion. And I guess I understand why they do it (To profit off of the main religion in America). But it just bothered me a little when I noticed it.
I don't need to bring religion into the blog, but I would like to just make a few comments if you don't mind too much.
And if there are any die-hard-Christians in the room, you may like to leave now because I do not wish to offend anyone.
It is just that Christianity is such a Lazy religion. And that is why most people follow it, I think. Wake up and you get coffee, How amazing! Thank you God! Then you drive to work and, Ooh! A parking space in the shade, just for you! Thank you Jesus! Next thing to happen is you get a phone call and you find out your brother's friend's sister's half-cousin's teacher died last night.
"Well," Thinks the Christian, "It must have been apart of Gods plan."
Then they complain about why does God make this or that happen? Their reasoning is that it was ment to be. There is no way to have prevented it from happening because it was part of God's all knowing plan.
Well, that is known as the Lazy Argument.
The Lazy Argument says that, "I have a Cold and am sick. I shouldn't go to the doctor because if I am sick, I was going to become sick whether I prevented it or not. I don't need to go to the doctor for medicine because I am either going to get better, or I am not. It is ment to be. The doctor won't have any affect on what is to happen."
Fate. What will be, Will be.
An Atheist, or maybe a different religion who doesn't just blame everything on God's All-mighty Plan would argue this instead. "I am sick with a cold. I should probably do something about it to get better, or else I may get sicker or even Die. It must have happened because I Licked That Stray Cat Yesterday...It probably had germs that got me sick. It was a bad decision to lick the cat. I shouldn't do that unless I want to become sick. I will go to the doctor to get medicine to get better faster."

If I was to continue my argument on why I get frustrated with Christians I would mention that they took all of what they believe from older religions(Zoroastrianism) and just edited it how they wanted. Almost all religions do this, I know, but Christianity does not admit to this. They changed dates, names, and history. For one example, God originally had a Wife. God and a Goddess. Christians did not like this because they did not want to make men and women equal.

Anyway, I am rambling now. I will end here, and thanks to you for reading.
Good Night, Morning or Afternoon, depending on where you are!
Just have a good day and do something with it!