Monday, 18 April 2011


Okay everyone.
 I finally have it. The Necronomocon itself. Just bought it not over 3 hours ago and I am getting excited to read it.
 But yet again, I am a little afraid.
 I need to ask you all, what do you think? How should I be doing this?
 Do you think I should just read it in the early mornings when there is light and sunshine, when there is music and other people around? Or should I be completely alone in the dark and read by candle light?
Im looking for your guy's ideas. Does it even matter how I read the book? In long sittings or just a little bit at a time? What do I do?
Like I said, I am scared here. I am worried I may actually provoke something, something powerful or dangerous. Or is it all fake and if I really don't believe anything will happen, nothing will.

I plan on reading it tomorrow night after I hear some comments, so Please! Talk to me!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Just Mentioning

Hey. I just thought I would mention a few things about my trip to Barnes and Nobles the other day when I went to buy the Necronomicon. Well, first of all, for those who are interested, the paper back book only costs $7.99 Dollars.
(This is specifically for one of my Followers who asked, Claude) You can buy the book online. I'm not sure if you use, but they have the book there for about the same price. Along with the other books I saw at Barnes and Nobles. The Link
If anyone orders, buys or reads the book I would really appreciate it if I could hear about your experience with it.

Another thing about my trip. Well, it really isn't that big of a deal, but listen if you like. See, there are 2 specific book sections called Spirituality and Religion. In those two sections are, obviously, all kinds of belief systems and religions. Some Christianity, Books about Zen, Astrology, Numberology, Magic, Wicca, and many others.
But then, out in the front, in between isles and right in your walking path so that you have to pass by it is a large table. A big table, dedicated to one single religion, Christianity. The Bible.
Look at it all
Now, I have nothing really against Christians or any other religion. And I guess I understand why they do it (To profit off of the main religion in America). But it just bothered me a little when I noticed it.
I don't need to bring religion into the blog, but I would like to just make a few comments if you don't mind too much.
And if there are any die-hard-Christians in the room, you may like to leave now because I do not wish to offend anyone.
It is just that Christianity is such a Lazy religion. And that is why most people follow it, I think. Wake up and you get coffee, How amazing! Thank you God! Then you drive to work and, Ooh! A parking space in the shade, just for you! Thank you Jesus! Next thing to happen is you get a phone call and you find out your brother's friend's sister's half-cousin's teacher died last night.
"Well," Thinks the Christian, "It must have been apart of Gods plan."
Then they complain about why does God make this or that happen? Their reasoning is that it was ment to be. There is no way to have prevented it from happening because it was part of God's all knowing plan.
Well, that is known as the Lazy Argument.
The Lazy Argument says that, "I have a Cold and am sick. I shouldn't go to the doctor because if I am sick, I was going to become sick whether I prevented it or not. I don't need to go to the doctor for medicine because I am either going to get better, or I am not. It is ment to be. The doctor won't have any affect on what is to happen."
Fate. What will be, Will be.
An Atheist, or maybe a different religion who doesn't just blame everything on God's All-mighty Plan would argue this instead. "I am sick with a cold. I should probably do something about it to get better, or else I may get sicker or even Die. It must have happened because I Licked That Stray Cat Yesterday...It probably had germs that got me sick. It was a bad decision to lick the cat. I shouldn't do that unless I want to become sick. I will go to the doctor to get medicine to get better faster."

If I was to continue my argument on why I get frustrated with Christians I would mention that they took all of what they believe from older religions(Zoroastrianism) and just edited it how they wanted. Almost all religions do this, I know, but Christianity does not admit to this. They changed dates, names, and history. For one example, God originally had a Wife. God and a Goddess. Christians did not like this because they did not want to make men and women equal.

Anyway, I am rambling now. I will end here, and thanks to you for reading.
Good Night, Morning or Afternoon, depending on where you are!
Just have a good day and do something with it!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

More Necronomicon

Okay everyone. Well, Last night I finally got a chance to go to Barnes and Nobles and buy myself the Necronomicon. I went in and went strait to find the correct one. And incase you didn't know, like me, there are ALOT of books that call themselves the Necronomicon...

So. I sifted and looked through books and isles for about an hour. My first thought was to go ahead and buy this one, It's called the Necronomicon, It is an okay length, it looks like it could be it.

I found out that, unlike most people who think they know the Necronomicon, The book is NOT written by H.P. Lovecraft. Supposedly he was the one who came up with the story and idea of the book, but he never wrote it. And yet it somehow created itself or something. It was magically created.
See, I found the book called the Necronomicon written by H.P. Lovecraft, but as it turns out that is what he calls his collection of stories he has written.

The Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft, just a collection of his stories.

Next I called someone I knew would be able to help me out. Jesse has read the Necronomicon and many other things revolving around it and things suggested to be Evil. Anyway, I called. He told me that the book I was looking for was all black, smallish and had a red trim around the top, and a sigel(sign thingy) on the cover. I hunted for it. I found this group of 3 smallish all black covered books, but I thought that they couldn't be it since it was a group of 3 different books. I thought I was searching for a single book. Finally I realized that the red one had to be the correct one and talked to Jesse again about it. He said it was the one.
I took the book up and asked for a new copy if they had any. I need to try and minimize any chances of not being able to experience the crazy stories everyone talks about. I needed a NEW book that was clean and hadn't been read before. Unfortunately the one I had was the last copy. It was a little bent here and there and was obviously read before. I didn't want that. So, I had to order a new one.
Sigh. I am now waiting about a week for it to come in and then I will have to go pick it up. But it will be reserved for me and untouched practically. So I am okay with this. I have Homework this week anyway and spring break new week. More time for reading it hopefully.

While I was looking at the books, I also saw this one. A spell book. I very much doubt I will be needing that thing, but who knows. Jesse has all of them though so I can just borrow his if I need.

I will keep you all updated once anything happens. But I am getting a little scared here. Ive been hearing more stories of what others have had happen because of the book... It is really scary and they were about twice my age when they read it. My mind might be a little bit more...Persuadable? I think? So if they had things happen what will happen to me...
I do get frightened easily and when your mind is expecting to be scared it happens worse I think. Atleast mine does. So I have no Idea what may happen. But I will be keeping you all on weekly events after I finish the book... I may be expecting a bit much but... Maybe that is an okay thing to do when it comes to this.

What do you all think?
Should I be scared?
Have you had any experiences?
Reassure me here. Please.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Story of No Video Footage

Hey everyone. I want to tell you all about the one and only time I actually caught something "ghost" like on camera. See, this was over 4 or 5 years ago. At the time, I was just happily playing around with Ouija boards and attempting to talk with the dead by using the Tapping Method. Anyway, time for story set up.

It was about 4 years ago, When I was using my Flip Video recorder. See, the camera was great for a kid and simple to use and when you needed to upload a video the USB port was just a little flip out on the side so it was always right there. The BIG Problem with this is that since it was attached to the camera itself, if that broke your camera was practically useless. It had a memory system instead of using a SD card or anything. Since I was just a kid at the time of corse it had ended up broken. The only USB ports on the old computer I was using then were at floor level, and so the camera was heavy, a chair bumped into the camera and snapped the dang USB right apart.

That picture is the exact same one I had.

See, this is how it worked.
But since mine was broken, I couldn't upload anything to the internet. I beat myself up so hard and still do sometimes after what happened in this story I am about to tell you.

So, J had come over to hang out at we often did. When they came over we would often spend some of that time playing Ouija Board, and if you remember from one of my first posts me and J had met a spirit named Joseph Doust. Anyway, He had come back to visit us at times. Often when we would be talking to a spirit, they would quickly change and act odd. When they changed their attitude, we could tell that Joseph had come and taken over our conversation. He still does sometimes.

Okay.. here I have gone and tried to draw in MS Paint (Using a trackpad to draw) the set up that we were in.
Me and J were sitting in a dark room only lit by 2 candles. J was on the right, I was on the left and the Ouija Board in the middle. Candles on the sides and I had my camera sitting next to me.

(I know it isn't beautiful but you get the jist of what i am saying.)

So, I set up my camera. New batteries, it had a memory life of up to one hour. We were all set up and ready to go. I had to kind of sit the Flip Camera on a low chair and prop it with books to aim it at the board. In the camera's sight, you could only see the Board and the candles, but you could easily identify our hands from anything moving in the room.
I hit Record.
Moved around the board 3 times.
"Hello! Is anyone here that would like to talk with us?"
No movement.
"Is anyone in the room with us?"
"What is your name?"
No answer
"Do you want to talk with us?"
Very slowly Ouija- H-E-L-L-O
"What is your name?"
Ever so slowly Ouija- H-Y-L-E-Y
"Is that your name?"
Ouija- No
"Are you a girl?"
Ouija- Yes
"When did you die?"
Ouija- Yes
"Do you want to talk with us?"
Moving much faster now Ouija- Yes Yes Yes
It kept moving over the Yes, then circling back to it again.
"Whoah. Are you the same spirit?"
Ouija- No
"What is your name?"
Ouija- J-O-S-E-P-H
Me and J together "Joseph"
I am not quite sure whether to be happy or disturbed.
"Have you been Following us?"
"Who have you been following?"
"Both of us?"
"Then, where did we go earlier today?"
"Do you know?"
Ouija- Yes
"Then tell us"
"Oh. Yes we did. What did I get from the mall?"
J asks Joseph "What color underwear am I wearing?"
J says they need to go check. They get up and go to the bathroom. As they leave, a gust of cold air rushes past me and out the room with J. I feel strangely alone, yet like I am being watched.
J returns and says to Joseph "Nope."
J replies "Um, Yes. I am."
I ask Joseph "Did you happen to leave and follow J to the bathroom?"
J is surprised and gets a bit angry.
"So, you can watch us shower if you want?"
We hesitate...
"Do You?"
We are being called by some family so we needed to leave.
"Joseph, we need to go right now. You will probably be watching us anyway, wont you? Anyway. We are going to say good bye and talk to you later, okay?"
Joseph moves for use as we move around the board 3 times to say goodbye.

We leave and I check the video. Nothing on camera at all. Nothing.

I little while later, we set back up again and are in the same sitting position and I set up the camera once more. I hit the record button and we put our hands on the mover.
"Okay. Is anyone here with us?"
Ouija- Yes
"Hello. Can we ask your name?"
Ouija- No
"Okay. Do you have a name you want us to call you?"
Me and J mention haw cold it is and we can feel a breeze. My hands are ice cold too.
Ouija- A
"Okay. Hi A."
"When did you die?"
Ouija- H-A-H-A-H-A
"Are you laughing at us?"
"Do you want to talk with us?"
My hands begin to burn and I ask what is going on. J says they got a pinch on their back and arm.
"A, are you doing this?"
We were about to say goodbye when the mover began moving slowly...
Ouija- H-E-L-P-P
"Help? What?"
My hands were burning and stinging and J had already taken their hands off so we just needed to stop this. Enough.
"We are going to say goodbye now."
We quickly moved the mover three times, and I couldn't quite tell if it was us or the board moving it.

As we ran out of the room, J sat on the couch. I thought it was strange and J just wanted to go do something else. I told them to wait until we watched the video. We sat on the couch and I started the video...
"Okay. But I need a glass of water."
J got up and got some water. I watched.
The first 23 seconds were normal.. Then all of a sudden, a black flash of a figure.
My eyes widened and are fixed on the screen. I couldn't even say anything to J to come look. I began having chills. I continued to watch the last 4 minutes of the video, partly silent as I began letting out little whimpers. Nearing the end of the video, at 3Minutes and 36Seconds the same black figure floats across the camera, coming back the way it came in the beginning of the recording.
As the video ends, I begin to tear up and almost start to cry. I'm not sure why. Just the built up fright and shock? I Quickly make J watch the video and we both begin to get scared.
We take the video to my parents, to our friends who were over, to my brother. We needed to show people, just to make sure that there was no other explanation for it. No one knew how to react to it or could they explain it. I cursed myself for having broken the camera months before. "Why!?"
If there was any explanation for what happened I would have thought of it. But I can't.
So all that is left is for me to try and explain to you what it was I saw.

The camera was aimed at the Board, with only candles lighting it. The candles didn't even flicker to make it hard to see, it was lit well. Then you see our hands over the board and can just about make out the letters on it. 23Seconds or so in a Fully Blackened Half of a figure passes, almost floating since it didn't take steps, right past the camera from right to left. So moving from J towards me.

The figure looked to me sort of manly. Broad shoulders and short haired.

Then, at 3Minutes and 36 or so Seconds, the same figure, but further away from the camera moves back from where it came. It moves swiftly and with a smooth flow.

Sigh... and then to add to how horrible I was as a kid with a camera, about a week later I was showing my cousin the video and instead of hitting the Play Button, Can you guess what I hit?? The Delete Button. Ofcorse.

 Thanks for reading.
Give me your thoughts.