Thursday, 7 April 2011

More Necronomicon

Okay everyone. Well, Last night I finally got a chance to go to Barnes and Nobles and buy myself the Necronomicon. I went in and went strait to find the correct one. And incase you didn't know, like me, there are ALOT of books that call themselves the Necronomicon...

So. I sifted and looked through books and isles for about an hour. My first thought was to go ahead and buy this one, It's called the Necronomicon, It is an okay length, it looks like it could be it.

I found out that, unlike most people who think they know the Necronomicon, The book is NOT written by H.P. Lovecraft. Supposedly he was the one who came up with the story and idea of the book, but he never wrote it. And yet it somehow created itself or something. It was magically created.
See, I found the book called the Necronomicon written by H.P. Lovecraft, but as it turns out that is what he calls his collection of stories he has written.

The Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft, just a collection of his stories.

Next I called someone I knew would be able to help me out. Jesse has read the Necronomicon and many other things revolving around it and things suggested to be Evil. Anyway, I called. He told me that the book I was looking for was all black, smallish and had a red trim around the top, and a sigel(sign thingy) on the cover. I hunted for it. I found this group of 3 smallish all black covered books, but I thought that they couldn't be it since it was a group of 3 different books. I thought I was searching for a single book. Finally I realized that the red one had to be the correct one and talked to Jesse again about it. He said it was the one.
I took the book up and asked for a new copy if they had any. I need to try and minimize any chances of not being able to experience the crazy stories everyone talks about. I needed a NEW book that was clean and hadn't been read before. Unfortunately the one I had was the last copy. It was a little bent here and there and was obviously read before. I didn't want that. So, I had to order a new one.
Sigh. I am now waiting about a week for it to come in and then I will have to go pick it up. But it will be reserved for me and untouched practically. So I am okay with this. I have Homework this week anyway and spring break new week. More time for reading it hopefully.

While I was looking at the books, I also saw this one. A spell book. I very much doubt I will be needing that thing, but who knows. Jesse has all of them though so I can just borrow his if I need.

I will keep you all updated once anything happens. But I am getting a little scared here. Ive been hearing more stories of what others have had happen because of the book... It is really scary and they were about twice my age when they read it. My mind might be a little bit more...Persuadable? I think? So if they had things happen what will happen to me...
I do get frightened easily and when your mind is expecting to be scared it happens worse I think. Atleast mine does. So I have no Idea what may happen. But I will be keeping you all on weekly events after I finish the book... I may be expecting a bit much but... Maybe that is an okay thing to do when it comes to this.

What do you all think?
Should I be scared?
Have you had any experiences?
Reassure me here. Please.


mac-and-me said...

great post
but i miss the necronomicon ex mortis

DerpFiles said...

Klaatu Barata Nikto? Just remember to pronounce it right or the skeleton army will come after you.

SOMS said...

Cthulu!? The Lovecraft Lexicon!

Lemmiwinks said...

cool post, bro!

consuela bananahammoc said...

NIce :D

Claude said...

This is interesting, I think I might try to find that book. Do you think it would be in a library? And if not, would it be purchasable online?