Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sorry for Not Posting, We all Have a Life!

"Oh I saw a ghost today! He looked red and blue and like on fire!"
Sorry. No, I didn't. I good friend just wanted to help me write my post for today and that is what they came up with.
So. Nothing much has happened lately that I could specify as strange or ghostly. I am about half way done with the Necronomicon. Before I read it, normally I read at night, I make sure that I have a line of salt along each door and window, just to be superstitiously safe.
Mmm.. What else can I report on?
I do have an interesting story I could tell you all about but at this moment I don't have much time to type.
Maybe I can tell you all about it later, maybe this week.
The reason that I have been relatively busy lately is the reason that I have not been able to post frequently.
(This is for anyone interested in knowing why I have been busy. I just graduated High School and also have many thing on my plate to deal with revolving around that fact. Thank you for your understanding and patience.)

So. Other than that, What kind of things are you all interested in hearing about from my blog?
What do you like?


Dave said...

Ah always remember the salt along the bottom of the doors. And, if you have no sense of smell put the garlic round your neck as well lol.

Jonny said...

There was a UFO sighting in NZ yesterday!

Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

Hello my friends! Who are you!?