Sunday, 27 March 2011

So about, Necronomicon?

I really don't know much. I was only talking about it lately and now I am very curious about it.
Over the weekend I heard about the Necronomicon, that the story is simply about God and Lucifer. How Lucifer was treated by God and that it makes God seem like the one who did all of the wronging and screwed over Lucifer.

Anyway, what I am not sure of is that I heard that once you get to a certain point in the story you reach a page that states, in BOLD thick print and takes up an entire page:
Something like that. Basically that if you read any further you will begin to see and hear things. Things that are so real you can feel and smell them. See things that others tell you are not there, but you know for a fact that it is standing, breathing right in front of you both. It is most defenatley there, even if no one believes you.
What happens next is that after you finish the book, it begins. You see it and hear it. What ever that "It" is for you. And when you go back into the book to try and find that page, that warning to not read any further, It will have diapered. Vanished. Completely gone.

I was talking to my mom about it for the first time about it 2 days ago. She has read it, along with my dad, my step dad, and several of our family friends. My mom explained her experience.
She read the book one night years ago. She had gotten into the story when she read the warning page and paused a moment. Then continued reading. She finished the book in one night and was going to bed with my father in bed, asleep. As she laid there, she looked out into the hallway and saw a creature. A large creature that came into the doorway and stood there. Breathing. Became larger. A Huge beast like creature that was so large that it took up the whole doorway. I have no idea what the creature looked like, but it was scary for sure.

My mom watched it in shock... Its body moved as it breathed. My mom tried to sleep. Eventually she did. She must have thought only that she was imagining it, but she knew how real it was to her.
Years later, my dad came home from work with a poster he had found and liked. He unrolled it and put it up on their bedroom wall. The moment my mom saw the poster, she almost screamed and told my dad right away, "That is the creature!! That is what I saw in the doorway that night after reading the Necronomicon!"
That is when she became interested in rereading the book again. She read it once again, Word for word. Cover to cover. For some strange reason, she didn't find the Warning page. She asked my dad and some friends who had read the book.
All of them said that they had read the warning page. But when she asked if they had seen the warning page after reading it the first time, they all had realized that it wasn't there. She sat down with 3 friends who had read it and were all very curios. They took a book and all looked, page by page to find the warning which had disappeared.
Maybe it was stuck to the back of one page. Maybe it was smaller than they thought they remembered. Either way, they were set out to find that page. Why couldn't any of them find the page??
They searched and still to this day, they don't understand why they can not find the page.
My mom never had such crazy experiences that she had after reading it the first time, the second time never felt the same.

Now I am wondering. Now that I know the page exists, Will I be unable to find the page when I read the Necronomicon? What if I read one that someone has already read, will the page be gone? What if you mark the page, dog-ear the edge the first time you read the book, will you find it again? If you rip the page out and tack it on a wall, will it vanish after you finish the book?
And what if now that I have told you all about the existence of the page, will none of you be able to ever see it? I'm wondering, and now I must go out to buy the book...
I will keep you all informed of if or when I buy it, and I will also let you know if or when I finish it.
Still unsure of anything.
You guys let me know.


Merkin said...

I want to hear about it after you've read it. You better follow this up!

Thatoneguy said...

Yeah I gotta agree with Merkin, keep up updated.

consuela bananahammoc said...

you give us some good stuff! keep it coming! :)

Electric Addict said...

what a crazy book

christopher said...

that sounds fucking crazy

John A.S. said...

that's too crazy for mee man, but love to see more of what you had to say about it

Glovey said...

Excellent post man! Was a really interesting read! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is just some kind of...joke/thrill thing you do? It's ironic that reading a book "Necronomicon" that the creature she'd see would be Geiger's Necronomicon 4

LunaSihne said...

@ the Anonymous poster above me,
I do not know anything about the creature she saw in the doorway. The only reason I used the pictures I did in my post as because that is what google gave me to use in the search.
I am not implying that is what she saw.

Anonymous said...

Total and utter bllsht! Necronomicon is a completely fictional grimoire. The book does not exist and therefore your mother or any other person cannot possibly have read it.
The creature your mother apparently saw on your father's poster was created by Swiss artist H.G. Giger. Nicely used in Ridley Scott's film 'Alien'. Check the internet, he makes some pretty disturbing art.
Nice story but complete nonsens.