Monday, 7 March 2011

Ghostly Encounter

Well, This shall be my first post. And I think I will start it with a story of mine.

One night, I was staying at a friend's house, Their name is K. My friend's J and M were there too, our families often hung out and so we all had a chance to hang out together.
K's dad ordered us Pizza and after pizza J and I said that we were going to play Ouiji Board.
Ive played it for years and have heard and know all of the superstitions, how you can become possessed, become controlled by the devil, open a portal, become cursed, be haunted, bad luck, die. Etc Etc.
When we were done eating me and J made the Ouiji Board on the back of the pizza box with a sharpie and a mover we made out of paper. M and K were joking about it all but said that they were too scared to play. Me and J, being the brave ones, started.

"Is anyone here who would like to speak with us?"
Ouiji's answer- No.
"So, no one wants to talk with us?"
Ouiji- No.
"Is there anyone else in the room who would like to speak?"
...No answer.
We move it 3 times and say good bye.

We try again.
"Is there anyone in the room who would like to talk with us?"
Instant reaction from Ouiji- Yes.
"Can we ask your name?"
Ouiji- Yes.
"What is your name?"
Ouiji- J-O-S-E-P-H.
"Can we ask you your last name?"
Ouiji- D-O-U-S-T.
"Hello there, Joseph Doust!"
Ouiji- H-I-H-I-H-I-H-I
"How are you?"
Ouiji- G-O-O-D
Ouiji- Y-O-U
"How are we?"
Ouiji- Yes
"We are pretty good, ate some pizza. But our friends here, behind us are scared of you."
Ouiji- A-W
"What? You want them to play?"
Ouiji- Yes
"Guys, come on. It's not even scary."
As I say this, we feel a big cold gust of air blow past us, one at a time. We had been feeling brushes or coldness on out hands and necks. Our friends still will not play, they are hiding, wrapped in blankets.
"I am sorry, Joseph. They are still too scared to play."
Ouiji- P-L-A-Y
"We are here, we want to play. Is there anything that you want to tell us?"
Ouiji- Yes
"What is it?"
Ouiji- Q-F-G-L-Z-D-Z-D-Z-E-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z
"Joseph? That doesn't make sense. Are you still speaking English?"
J tells me that "you are never supose to let a spirit go through all of the letters on the board, if they do and get to Goodbye, they will not go away."
I tell J, M and K as reinsurance that they don't have to worry. If anything happens I can do a banishing.
K is still really worried but we keep playing.
Ouiji- H-E-L-L-O
"Do you still want to talk with us?"
Ouiji- A-B-C-D-Z-S-Z-S-Z-S-Z-S--
We stop it from moving by taking our hands off the mover.
"Joseph, you need to stop that if you want to talk with us."
I put my hands back on, and J keeps theirs off for a little while.
Ouiji very slowly- Yes
"Can you still talk with us if I am the only one with my hands on?"
Ouiji very slowly- N-O
It spelled No out instead of going to the answer, No.
"Should J put their hands back on?"
Ouiji a little faster- Yes
J put their hands on the mover again.
"Why can't you move it on your own?"
Ouiji- E-N-E-R-G-Y
"You need energy? Like out energy?"
Ouiji- Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A--
"Joseph! Stop!"
The mover stops instantly.
We begin getting frusterated and thinking we should just stop.
I decide to give Joseph one more chance.
"Joseph, is there any other spirits in the room with us?"
Ouiji slowly- Yes
"Would they like to talk with us?"
Ouiji slowly- Yes
"Where are they?"

Ouiji moves to different corners of the board to point to where the spirits are.
I had been sitting on the left of the board, J had been sitting on the right with the other two, K and M in a blanket behind J. I thought that I was all by myself on that side of the board. Joseph showed me that I was not. He pointed to both sides of me, then one next to J and another was in the room near by K.

"Can they show us that they are here?"
I knew that you are never supose to ask that question, or for them to show themselves... But J wanted to ask.
As we asked, K let out a small scream. They said that they were being poked. J asked for someone to poke them too. J felt nothing. All of a suden, my hand which was still on the mover and had been very cold the whole time, it started to warm up, faster and faster. I got a little scared and told them. My hand was almost to a point that it felt as though it was burning. Burning from the inside out and tingling at the same time.

I needed to ask, "Why is my hand burning?"
Ouiji- V-A-L-N-A
"Valna? What? Is it someone else here? They are making my hand burn??"
Ouiji- E-V-I-L
"What evil? Joseph? Should we stop playing?"
Ouiji- V-A-L-N-A- I-S -E-V-I-L
K and M began saying that they were very cold and J said that they were being pricked.
I still wanted to know about Valna.
"Is Valna a boy or Girl?"
Ouiji- No
Ouiji- G-I--
"Girl? Can you ask her to please stop this?"
Ouiji- A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A-Z-A--

We stopped playing for a moment and felt that we needed to leave.
As we sat there, I began feeling cold again. My hand had stopped burning and I still had questions, but had an urge to leave. Soon, I realized that K and M were staring at me, Wide eyed and everything. Then J got nervous and let out a small scream. I turned my head to the side as I saw that a part of my hair was sticking out some, as I turned my head more, I realized that it was being raised up and pulled.
I was shocked and everyone jumped up and ran out of the room. I was almost paralyzed and couldn't move. I yelled at them to come back and not to leave me. Then I broke the nerves and ran out of there.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Me and J after a minute went back inside, said that we were sorry for getting so scared, then we both moved to Goodbye three times and said sorry once more.

There is more to this story, but i think it is long enough already.
Joseph has become a friend, who often likes to play jokes. And Valna has decided that she has something against me. I'm not sure what.


Adventure Person said...

Scary experience, hopefully you're not cursed (knock on wood)!

Rob said...

haha those things freak me out

ankmanpro said...

Wow, really scary stuff... followd!

Tyrone said...

Just be careful with that sort of stuff!

Arcita said...

i love ghost stories. i don't necessarily believe any of the stories, but they're just really entertaining. are you going to be updating this blog or what. if you do let me know in case i miss it in my feeds.

PenDRaGoN said...

Great story, really good.
At a point I was about to jump from my chair.

keep on with the good work.

skinned sheep said...

i have one of those ouija boards. theyre pretty freaky... ive had my share of experiences..

Justsayin' said...

Awesome blog. I love this stuff. Now following.