Wednesday, 30 March 2011

UnNamed Topic Title(Astral Pojection)

Well. Thank you to all my Followers. I really appreciate all of the support.
About my latest post about the Necronomicon...

I just want to let you all know that I am probably the slowest reader you will ever meet. Literally, I don't read for fun and when I am asked for reports or school I just skim and scam. So the last time I read a book for fun was when I read a Goosebumps book back in like 8th grade. And everyone wanted to make fun of me for it because only 5th grades read Goosebumps, but they were all a little jealous and  wanted to read Goosebumps instead of big fat Harry Potter books and Romeo and Juliet. Ha. Take that!

So. Basically what I am trying to say is, when I do read the Necronomicon, It is going to take me a long time to finish. Even if I do get into it.

No worries though, Il tell you all about it.

So for to days post, Let me talk about something that I wouldn't really call Paranormal Happenings, but you all may know a little bit about it.

Out Of Body Experiences (OBE)((Astral Projection))
Okay, so for those who don't know. An Out of Body Experience is an Experience which happens out of your body..Or maybe you already assumed that. Okay. Moving on.
See, I've written reports on it, read about it online and in several books, and I believe have had a few myself, but not all that many. See, It often happens when you are lazy, tired, sleepy, or day dreaming. Kinda like in this photo.
(Ignore the words floating around there, imagine they are birds or random imaginary things the guy wants)

See, what happens is your mind is not bound by the limits of your physical self...
When you sleep, your mind can wonder as it will and float on around to where ever it wants. As your mind drifts from self consciousness to your sleepy unwary thinking, your soul-spirit-what ever you want to call it- leaves your body. It can go into another room, out your house, down the street, fly to the top of a building, watch friends, go to another state, country, or universe.
 When you zone-out and your mind takes you to a random strange place, you might actually be there, just not physically. In a dream that felt very real, or that really stuck with you and you can remember very clearly, you may have been to that strange place, known as the Astral Planes.
I just really liked that guys expression. I needed to use it somewhere.
Anyway, so at any given time when you enter REM sleep (Don't know what REM sleep is? That's another topic for another time. Go Look It Up)your soul(or spirit) may leave your physical body and leave it laying there on the sofa. Kinda like an empty shell that the dog may want to gnaw on, right?
Well, Yes. But No. The dog will not be able to come up and start gnawing on your hand just because you happen to not be "home" at the moment.
Your physical body and astral body are connected, some say by an invisible light strand or string, and if you believe that you may also believe that all living creatures(humans, animals, trees) are also connected by this light strand. It is the same idea.
When your Astral Body is out and about, floating around and doing things without your body, your body is at home being a watch dog or sorts. Your body has a part of consciousness left in it that it can tell the difference between friend or foe near your physical body, and that it would rouse you should you be in any physical danger. According to some experts, you are actually more safe while out of your body than when you are in your body.

I will end this here, as I need to be going. But there have been many people who have shown to have preformed astral projection, and you can actually practice this. If you become good at astral projection, you can use it for your own purposes. But hopefully used in good taste.

Thanks for reading, guys. I know more if you want to know. But this is enough info for now.
Be good and Il be back with more later.


consuela bananahammoc said...

Nice never knew all this :) thanks!

Kevings said...

"I just really liked that guys expression. I needed to use it somewhere."

Made me laugh :D

Electric Addict said...

OOB experience seems unreal. never experienced it myself

John A.S. said...

this is some new information here! thanks

mac-and-me said...

very interesting concept

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

tried this when i was younger without much success. might try it again someday.

skinned sheep said...

yes correct. when you astral project, you are still connected to your material body. the "strand" is disconnected when the material body loses its coherence and is not able to sustain life anymore. not when it astral projects.

Anonymous said...

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