Thursday, 7 July 2011

It has been a while. Short Story Time!

And I am still not done with the Necronomicon. I havn't had much time for reading lately, but I have not found that page yet.
I thought I would just give an updated post about something since it has been so long... Lets see.
I can recall many incidents when i could swear there was another presence in the room with me, even though it seems I should be all alone. This isn't much of a story, but it is something.

Often times, I would play the Ouija Board with good friends, and it seems that we would often talk to the same spirits depending on who was around. If I played it with C I would end up with Raz. If I played with J we would talk with Joeseph and Often Valna, all though Valna seems to follow me no matter who I am with.
After a day of school (A few years ago) and Playing Ouija with C and a friend I came home and wanted to relax in my room alone. The house was pretty quiets and I think I was the only one home besides my younger brother and Dad, who had their own things to tend to such as playing video games.
It was getting late and dark in the room. I didn't know why but I just felt uneasy. I didnt like the feeling at all, like being watched. I needed to leave the room and go be with my brother to get the feeling out of my mind. So I did, until later that night when I was going to bed. See, I had a bunk bed, and I slept on the bottom with a blanket hanging down from the top to cover my bed. It was very nice, like my own area. Then to the other side of me, I had a window seal where I kept my alarm clock. There was random stuff up on the top bunk alot of the time, like games and books and things.
Anyway I went to sleep. I began to feel that creepy feeling again. It was getting harder and harder for me to sleep, but I kept my eyes closed and kept myself calm.
After about ten minutes of lying awake, and having that uneasy feeling, I felt something like a push on my leg. I knew no one was there, so It was very odd and a bit frightening. I lay there still. A moment later, my alarm clock decides to jump off of my window seal and fly at my head, hitting me hard in the face. I get up a bit and trying to make an explanation without jumping to conclusions, and I make the decision to ignore it and act like that happens all the time or something, so I placed the clock back and lay down again. This time my heart is pounding and I am considering leaving the room and sleeping out on the couch.
Before I can make up my mind, It is made up for me. A heavy book from the top bunk slides its self down and off the bed and very nearly hits me, just like the clock did, in the head.
I decided Ive had enough and grab a blanket and pillow and fly out of the room.

That is my true story for today.
Thanks for reading.