Thursday, 5 May 2011


I am here. No, I did not go and vanish or die from some crazy thing.
I just have been a little crazy these past 2 or so weeks, and It looks like I might be just as bust this upcoming week or two more. School and such happenings.
But I am still reading that book. Necronomicon. But as iv'e said before, I am A Slow Freakin Reader.
Ive barely actually gotten into the book. So, I'm afraid that this may take me a little while longer to finish. Sorry.

But, if you want to know about my latest events here is a short explanation.
About 2 weeks ago (about the time I bought the Necronomicon) I felt like I needed to get something interesting to write about for the blog, so I went with a few semi-experienced friends of mine, C and J (a different J than I have mentioned in my other stories). We went to our closest cemetery in hopes of some kind of spirit activity. All I was attempting to do was find some video footage of anything strange, so I brought my camera.
We were attempting to provoke a demon. Just any demon really, so we chose one in the correct sun-sign and one that preferably was not all that powerful. I found Vassago (Vah-saw-shi-o).
According to Wikipedia, " He can be persuaded to tell the magician of events past and future, can discover hidden and lost things, and has a "good" nature."
Honestly, It was a last minute thing and so we hadn't really prepared for it. When we go to the cemetery we made an offering of things we found around the area. Some pine cones, old oranges, flowers and things. We placed them all on two large palm leaves. C made a wreath of flowers earlier and we made that the center of the offerings. C also began to take thin branches and long strands to tie the branches together into a large circle the the three of us could sit in.
Anyway, we drew out the Sigil for Vassago on placed that for our focus and we began from where we thought we should start.

Anyway, to make this short, We said and did some stuff and basically nothing happened. Vassago said he didn't want to talk to us or something. And My camera recorded for an hour and a half before it ran out of memory.  Nothing to report on I guess.. But I shall keep reading.

Thanks guys.


Moobeat said...

I thought something snatched you

Anonymous said...

Is this the Necronomicon from H.P. Lovecraft?

LunaSihne said...

@ bruno- No. It is not.

Dave said...

I just love stuff like this. Cheers. following.

skinned sheep said...

i couldve sworn i gave you my email.

well here it is again if you want to be in contact.