Tuesday, 10 May 2011

UFO Stories

This is about Paranormal Happenings, not just Ghostly.
In this post, I ask you what you think about UFOs. Any first person stories?
Do you even believe in UFOs?

I personally believe that there are other living beings out there, but I am not sure of what they look like or even if they have traveled to other planets. I Don't really believe that we have been visited by aliens, or at least that we have not been visited with in the last thousand or so years. But what do I know?
So many myths and theories.

A few month ago, or last year anyway, my dad who watches all kinds of myth and alien shows was at home one night. I didn't live there at the time. He went out to see why so many of the neighbors were outside. He found that there was a strange blue flying light in the sky, almost over head. It seemed so close.
He didn't know what to think at first, but after the same light showed up yet again just a few nights later he wanted to believe that it could be aliens. He even recorded videos of it, some on his phone when he didn't have his camera. He would call me up to explain all about the light and he got me curious.
Soon I came down for a visit and it just so happened that the blue light showed up again.
My dad was going to take the car and we were going to drive after the light to try and find it, not really expecting much but just out of curiosity and all. I tried to explain to him that there are amazing toys out there that could make this happen. It doesn't mean that it is an Alien, but I also didn't want to kill his hopes of other life out there.
The car was out of gas so we quickly just hoped on some bikes and took off toward the light.

It took us a while, but we were getting somewhere. Some people thought that more than likely the lights were some sort of government experiment or jet of some kind because they seemed to be coming from the military base near by. That wasn't a bad idea. I wasn't doubting that as an explanation.
It took us about 30 or so minutes I think before we got lost and the light dropped out of the sky. We called to see if anyone could see it from the house, but before we even got their answer I heard a loud humming noise and looked around. The light Jumped out right at me almost and my dad hung up the phone and we watched the light. It was literally so close I thought I could toss a rock at it and hit it.

I tried to find a decent video on Youtube because I know there is a ton, but I couldn't find one with out noise or stupid music playing in the background. I chose this one because they are close to the light and you can see all of its weird shapes and neon glowing-ness. I watch it with the sound off. The music annoys me.

We rounded the corner and found a park up ahead. We rode up and found a man there, and a group of kids and people watching the sky. The guy had a remote. He watched the light in the sky all most as if he was controlling it. Which he was.
Taken with my horrid Cell phone camera

Still there are people who don't believe that it was being remote controlled.
Anyway, thats my story for today.
Who here has a better one?
i want to hear!


Dave said...

I just love all UFO stuff. following.

skinned sheep said...

me and a friend used to dwell in mystical practices (i still do, he stopped) regarding entities showing themselves, usually this was done outside and after a month of doing that we started seeing UFOs a lot.

i think the best one out of all of the experiences was when we were outside and a fleet of orange lights (like migrating birds) appeared from the sky, but the thing that got me was the way in which they flew. like how fish are able to swim, turning sharp corners really swiftly/smoothly, but in the air.

the fleet of UFOs swam around the air all in perfect synchronization and faded into the horizon.

MAX POWER said...

haha cool picture. is that actually one you took?

LunaSihne said...

@ MAX POWER- Yes. I took the photo with my camera phone.

Trelin said...

freaky and awesome.

manda said...

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Jason said...

Awesome post man! Keep up this excellent work!

Weirdwhirl said...

I really dont know, After Effects is powerfull you know :P

Poetry of the Day said...

i believe it, ufos are real bro/
Wicca | Poetry

Mike said...

I always wonder about these kind of things.

Anonymous said...

I think you are better than most mmmm

Fresh Garden said...

Miracle! Miracle!